Family Self-Sufficiency Orientation

Who joins FSS?

FSS is a voluntary program open to all individuals under lease and contract with The Housing Authority of City of Miami Beach. Successful Participants are willing to set FSS and make a commitment to work hard toward a better future for themselves and their families.

What are the benefits of FSS?

One of the most important benefits is the escrow account, a savings account set up by HACMB’s finance department. The program does not affect your housing assistance payment.

After you have signed a FSS Contract of Participation, if your earned income increase and the Section 8 family share increase, a portion of the increase will be deposited into the escrow account. The funds will then be deposited into your account monthly as long as 1) the level of income is maintained 2) the tenant keep the rent current.

Other services available include: Job Search assistance, monthly newsletter, referral to community programs, counseling and other services deemed necessary to achieving employment goals.

What happens to the funds when I complete my contract?

When you completed the goals within the contract period of five years, you will be eligible to receive the funds. The funds are tax free and will not affect your Section 8 housing assistance.

What is the application process?

Application Period:

An application needs to be completed. You will be contacted by the FSS Coordinator. You may be asked to complete additional tasks before an in-person assessment is scheduled. These tasks may include:
  • Completing career assessment and/or FSS setting workbooks;
  • Completing surveys to help identify your learning styles or energy drains;
  • Enrolling in or completing a GED program; or
  • Other activities to help prepare you for the program and help us to tailor the program to meet your specific needs.

Assessment Process:

An initial meeting with the FSS Coordinator includes a detailed assessment of your strengths, vision, goals and barriers and will take approximately two hours.

Action Plan:

It outlines the goals, activities and completion target dates. The Action Plan is a document that you refer to between contacts and use as a checklist for your path to self-sufficiency. The Action Plan is reviewed and revised regularly with your FSS Coordinator.

Contract of Participation:

A Contract of Participation is signed after you develop your Action Plan. The term of the Contract of Participation is up to five years. The Contract of Participation outlines your responsibilities and Housing Authority of City of Miami Beach’s responsibilities.

What are the graduation requirements?

All of the following
  • TANF free for twelve consecutive months.
  • Employed successfully for 12 consecutive months in chosen career field
OR 30 percent of the family’s monthly-adjusted income equals or exceeds the Fair Market Rent amount for the unit size for which the family qualifies.