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Social Services Overview

Social Services Department is the bridge that connects elderly residents and families with community and support resources.  Community resources help residents remain independent and live in the Rebecca Towers community for as long as possible avoiding unnecessary move outs. Working closely with community partners through a referral system Rebecca Towers residents benefit from many resources in the community such as Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Link-Up Florida and Lifeline Assistance Programs, etc.  During the year the Social Services Manager meets with community partners every three months to network and shares with residents the information that may increase their quality of life.  

In addition to community resources the Social Services Department creates and maintenances monthly activities to keep the Rebecca Towers involved and share with other residents at different gatherings such birthday celebrations, talent show, and a variety of holiday celebrations.  At the same time, some fieldtrips are arranged during the year to give the Rebecca Towers mini-vacation feeling and get them out of the routine.  In partnership with Little Havana Activities & Nutrition Centers of Dade County, Inc. Rebecca Towers residents enjoy a balance nutritional lunch-meal five days a week. This program also provides fieldtrips, Arts & Crafts and exercise class to registered participants.  Another community partner is Fienberg-Fisher Adult Education Outreach Program that provides Arts & Crafts and Yoga classes.
The Social Services Department goal is to provide resources and activities for Rebecca Towers to enhance their quality of life.          

Following are several helpful website links that are often use to assist Rebecca Tower Residents:
Social Security: To request income verification letter or replace Medicare card.

Medicare: To choice prescription plan.

Department of Children & Families Access: To apply for Food Stamps, Medicaid, etc..

Food Stamps Card: To inquire on Food Stamps balance and history.

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services: Make appointment for Infopass.

Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle: To make appointments to replace or renew driver license or Florida identification card.